Four Ideas for a Wedding Brunch

More couples are opting for a wedding brunch. The combination of breakfast and lunch provides more leeway for variety and suiting different tastes. Here are some suggestions for a brunch that work for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Why a Wedding Brunch?

First, let’s discuss why a wedding brunch is a good idea. While serving brunch means the wedding will have to begin earlier in the day, daytime venue rental is usually cheaper. Daytime hours are also less in demand since most people tend to host events in the evening. Plus, with a setting like The Landing at Shilshole Bay, you can fully enjoy the tranquil space of the area.

Wedding Brunch Foods

Okay, what constitutes good food options for a special-occasion brunch? You can incorporate everyday breakfast and lunch foods. Consider the following ideas.

1. Omelet bar

Guests can customize their own omelet by adding a variety of toppings, such as diced peppers, mushrooms, chopped ham, etc. Alternatively, they can forego the omelet and just settle for scrambled or sunny-side-up eggs.

2. Donuts and Scones

Every brunch needs a pastry section. This is where you can add a variety of freshly baked goods, such as donuts, scones, cinnamon rolls, and turnovers. 

3. Light Food Station

Not everyone is into breakfast. For these folks, add a light food station where they can help themselves to some light snacks, such as granola, trail mix, and small yogurt cups.

4. Beverage Bar

Add an assortment of drinks. These would include coffee, sparkling water, and fresh fruit juice. You can even keep fruit slices on hand and a blender, so guests can make their own fruit/veggie smoothie.

Make Our Venue Your Wedding Space

Our venue provides an unforgettable spot for tying the knot and toasting to honorees. Give us a call if you’re scouting for a wedding venue. A wedding brunch is sure to keep your guests’ bellies happy.

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