A Guide to the Wedding Processional Order

A strict processional order isn’t absolutely necessary, though we definitely recommend it for more traditional and formal weddings. This guide will walk you through the specific order regarding everyone’s entrance to the ceremony.


To avoid confusion, we suggest having everyone in the processional rehearse their entrance before the official ceremony commences. Aside from the order, you should also have the timing down. How long does each entrant wait after the previous person enters before entering the venue space?

In addition, if a wedding band or DJ is present, they should be at rehearsals. They need to time their music to each entrance.

Processional Order of Entrance

Here is a typical processional order for a formal wedding:

  1. The wedding officiant

  2. Parents and grandparents of bride and groom

  3. All bridesmaids and groomsmen 

  4. The ring bearer

  5. Bride and groom

This order doesn’t have to be exact. The ring bearer, for example, can enter before the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Role and Placement

Let’s examine the role of each entrant on the list. The officiant is the first to enter and announces the ceremony is about to begin. The grandparents of the bride sit on the left-hand side of the front row. The groom’s grandparents sit on the righthand side. The parents take the seat adjacent to the grandparents.

One side note, if the bride’s father is not present, then the bride’s mother requires escort. This service should be performed by another family member or groomsman.

The groomsmen can enter separately or together. They may even enter with and behind the groom. The same goes for the bride and her bridesmaid. 

We Provide the Ideal Wedding Space

The Landing at Shilshole Bay provides the perfect space for a toast during a joyous moment. Our pricing fits most budgets even for the most formal weddings. Following a specific processional order helps maintain that formality and tradition.

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