Four Reasons to Plan a Winter Wedding

February marks the twilight of winter, just before spring sets in. If you have plans to tie the knot, now is a good time to do so. A winter wedding is quite advantageous, mostly from a logistical standpoint. Here are some reasons why winter is a good season to walk down the aisle. 

1. Wedding Venue Availability

September and October are the most popular months to get married, followed by May and June. January and February are the least popular, despite February’s marking of Valentine’s Day. This makes a winter wedding ideal since venue availability is mostly a non-issue. You can also find the ideal space at more affordable rates due to the low demand.

2. Cheaper Travel and Accommodations

Just as wedding venue bookings hit a low during winter, the same goes for flights and hotel accommodations. This is a plus if you have relatives who need to fly and rent a room to attend the wedding.

3. Cool Weather

A wedding means formal suits. Wearing a stuffy suit in summer makes for an unpleasant experience. Winter also means less humidity. Guests can stay warm indoors or take advantage of outdoor fire pits for a cozy social gathering. Also, during cold weather guests will mostly remain inside. This eliminates the need for outdoor tents and canopies. 

4. Combat the Post-Holiday Blues

January and February are often cited as depressing months. Many people face post-holiday blues after the Christmas festivities come to an end. A winter wedding combats this by giving guests a joyous occasion to look forward to in the absence of major holidays.

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The Landing at Shilshole Bay is the perfect spot for toasting to a bride and groom. Our reviews highlight our many satisfied clients. A winter wedding makes sense especially from a logistical point of view.

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