Three Toasting Tips for Introverts

Not everyone is comfortable giving a toast and speaking aloud in front of a crowd whose eyeballs are staring in your direction. We believe everyone is capable of giving a charismatic toast. Are you an introvert who’s a little shy? Fear not; here are a few toasting tips for an applaud-worthy speech.

1. Talk About Yourself

Start by stating who you are in relation to the person you’re toasting to. Some people fear that by doing this they’re stealing the spotlight. This is not true at all. In fact, you can take it further with a story about yourself and relate it to the situation. 

With a wedding, for example, you can talk briefly about how your own wedding was the happiest moment of your life. Follow up by telling the bride and groom how it’s their turn to experience the same level of happiness.

2. Refrain from Embarrassing Stories

Some toasters may tell a funny and embarrassing tale of the honoree to get a laugh out of everyone. This is a bit risky and we recommend not doing so. Even if you know the honoree well and know he/she won’t mind, it could rub other guests the wrong way. Out advice? Just don’t do it.

3. Understand the Milestone

Research to understand the occasion. If a wedding, research the honoree’s groom or bride. If a retirement event, research the company, such as the number of years the honoree was in the business. This makes for a much more meaningful toast rather than making broad and generalized statements.

Amplify These Toasting Tips with the Ideal Venue

Any event that warrants a toast is obviously a special occasion. A formal event space is in order. The Landing at Shilshole Bay is that ideal space. Follow these toasting tips at a scenic setting for an unforgettable gathering.

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