Cocktail Reception and Sit-Down Reception: Which Is Better for Your Wedding?

Preparation for a wedding requires you to make a lot of decisions. One of the many decisions concerns what type of reception to hold. Common choices include a cocktail reception and sit-down reception. Which one is more appropriate for your style of wedding?

What Is a Cocktail Reception?

As implied in its name, a cocktail reception is one where cocktails and other drinks are served. It has a very open and relaxed atmosphere. Guests can freely mingle and are not limited to interaction with those seated within their vicinity. In other words, the reception is more free roaming.

This type of reception also allows for more leeway regarding food and drink selection. Think of food trucks or separate drink stations for adults and minors. This gives you more ways to satisfy different tastes and food preferences.

What Are Sit-Down Receptions?

Sit-down receptions are more formal, and guests have pre-arranged seating. This keeps immediate family members and friends seated together. While sit-down receptions are more common, planners need to be careful with the seating arrangements. Guests can feel slighted if they’re seated with an unfamiliar party or dislike the location of their seating.

Which Is Better?

Neither reception option is better than the other. If you wish to incorporate social interaction, ice breakers, and lots of drinks and toasting, then go with a cocktail reception. If you prefer a more formal setting with an organized schedule of activities, then a sit-down is better. In either case, it might be a good idea to speak with your guests to find out which variant is more to their liking.

Our Venue Is Ideal for Cocktail and Sit-Down Receptions

The Landing at Shilshole Bay is a venue space that is ideal for all types of weddings. With the stunning views and open-space feel, our facility is ideal whether you opt for a cocktail or sit-down reception.

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